Ice Cream

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Short description: Opening an ice cream store can be a lucrative undertaking, as many people adore treating themselves to this refreshing food when the weather is hot. However, to derive significant incomes from this business, it's vital to target not only passers by, but also owners of restaurants, cafes and other eateries. If you want to reach them, use this template as a basis for the online presence of your store. Due to its mouth watering imagery in the header, footer and other content sections, they will long to taste your ice cream. With products grouped in four blocks, visitors of your site will easily orient themselves in a variety of your offerings. Once they put a cursor over one of those blocks, it will get pink. Symbolizing sweetness and immaturity, this color will remind your customers of those carefree childish moments when they could play around for hours and enjoy their favorite ice cream.

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