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Maintenance of social networks.

maintaining social networksSocial networks have long become an integral part of the life of modern society. Any of its representatives, regardless of gender, age, education, income level and social status, can find their own “club of interests” in the endless variety of thematic blogs, where you can see people and show yourself, and talk about exciting topics. Millions of users have accounts in popular social networks - Face & Vcy; ook , Instagram , Twitter , Livejournal , etc. Such a huge audience, of course, cannot but attract the attention of promotion and advertising specialists.

Benefits of social media promotion.

Modern technologies allow many people to be present in the information space at the same time. These millions of potential readers provide an amazing opportunity to quickly convey to a wide audience any information about your product, business, or services. One of the most effective ways to disseminate information is to maintain a company or group page on social networks. Today, without this, even high-quality promotion of & scy; & acy; & jcy; & tcy; & acy; ...

What are the benefits of social media promotion?

  • First of all, it is a wide audience coverage, as already mentioned  . Famous social media audiences are disappearing in the millions.
  • An important role is also played by the ability to select the necessary groups, pages, using user data about yourself. Having a clear idea of ​​the target audience of your site, you can easily select the right segment of users who will find your offer interesting.
  • You have the opportunity to directly convey information about yourself to a potential consumer and get immediate feedback. When communicating in blogs, there is an active exchange of information. Mutual discussion helps to form a positive image of the company in the perception of users.
  • Each member of the group can convey information to friends and acquaintances who do not visit a particular social network.

How to maintain groups and pages correctly?

While social networking is undoubtedly useful for business, in practice, group management is often too difficult for the layperson.

At first glance, the task seems simple, but in order to successfully promote a website on a social network, you need to have special knowledge in different areas. Building a successful promotion strategy requires the participation of a specialist who is familiar with the methods and techniques of this work. To manage groups in different social networks, it is necessary to thoroughly know the features of the functioning of each, since they differ in many nuances, which at first glance are imperceptible. And besides all of the above, leading a group takes several hours of time every day. Just creating an account and posting news in it once a week will not be enough to get a meaningful result. A blog or group needs constant grooming, like a vegetable garden or a house plant. It is necessary to monitor the design, constantly update & kcy; & ocy; & ncy; & tcy; & iecy; & ncy; & tcy; to make it interesting for the reader to come here again and again.

It is necessary to regularly respond to comments in order to create a direct dialogue with the visitor. Sometimes tough moderation is required in order to stop the invasion of online hooligans in time. And again - the necessary knowledge to distinguish one from the other. Leave this task to specialists!
If you do not have enough precious time or the necessary skills, the best solution would be to provide group management in social networks to specialists. In our time of maximum specialization, in almost all areas of activity there are experts who are professionally engaged in group management. Our company "Sd-Studio" provides the services of specialists who are able to solve the problems of promoting your website on social networks:

  • Target audience assessment.
  • Analysis of potential competitors.
  • Development of a promotion strategy.
  • Daily work on its practical implementation with regular analysis and correction, if necessary.

We have the necessary knowledge and skills in methods of analysis, creating strategies and concepts, building effective communication, working with contextual advertising, the intricacies of administration in each of the well-known social networks. We will help you organize your activity on any of the social networks and get the most out of it.

Services of our company for maintaining social networks!

  • We create a page or group in one of the social networks (Facebook –Twitter - Instagram), with the design of the cover and all the necessary profile elements.
  • We conduct an audit of a previously created customer account. We analyze in detail the content, appearance and dynamics of visits. We provide a report and professional recommendations for improving design and content for more effective promotion.
  • Administering groups. Constant updating of content (from 3-5 posts weekly, at least), posting photo and video materials, replies to comments, organizing contests, attracting new participants. Work is carried out every day, except weekends (only moderation is carried out on weekends).  
  • We will place your advertisement on a social network.


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