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Contextual advertising is a quick start for your internet business!

Almost every businessman has already appreciated all the advantages of contextual advertising: the flow of targeted visitors on the topic of the site, economy, speed of launch. Therefore, for us, the primary task is to set up contextual advertising for our clients and optimize its price for the lowest cost. If you need an effective bright and memorable advertising in search engines, please contact the company " SD-studio ".

What is contextual advertising and does your business need it?

This unique tool for your business in Ukraine and around the world, it helps to find your customers within a couple of hours after the start of an advertising campaign. Therefore, it is very popular with those who want to effectively sell their goods or services.

The essence of contextual advertising itself is very simple: advertisements are shown to those visitors of the search engine who have already entered a query that is thematically close to the advertised products. Thus, you get an audience loyal to your ads, which is already 50% ready to make a purchase. It is not intrusive & bcy; & acy; & ncy; & ncy; & iecy; & rcy; & acy; blinking and closing main pages on & scy; & acy; & jcy; & tcy; & iecy; and accurate and useful information for consumers.

There are advantages in context for advertising any business, namely:

  1. the budget is used with maximum rationality;
  2. you pay for specific visitors to your site, i.e. for transitions;
  3. prompt launch of advertising - from 1-3 days;
  4. careful adjustment of the target group;
  5. you will be able to specify exactly when your ads should be shown;
  6. the ability to make adjustments to the keyword list or ad when the campaign is already running;
  7. receiving reports;
  8. transparency of work and cost control;
  9. the ability to predict the budget before the start of displaying ads.

Is this not true "iron" arguments in order to order contextual advertising? So you can fully deliver the information you need to a potential buyer who is almost ready to buy. Plus, only pay for the ones that came to your site. This is a dream come true for any business and any company that wants to get the "here and now" effect.

What are the benefits of working with "SD-studio"?

We work in the advertising business in Ukraine for more than 10 & lcy; & iecy; & tcy; , and constantly evolving, we have developed a truly effective implementation of contextual advertising. This approach guarantees attracting a large number of potential customers to your site, despite the fact that it is just getting started. Thus, you will receive income from your business in the first days of the campaign launch.

  1. Contextual advertising is a priority area of ​​our activity. We will not only launch an advertising campaign, but we will achieve optimal results at optimal costs.
  2. Contextual advertising is configured in such a way that you get not just ads that are shown at the right time, but you can complete certain tasks. For example, receive calls and orders from the site.
  3. Individual approach to every customer. 
  4. Regular transparent reports that allow you to monitor the progress of the advertising campaign and control costs.
  5. We have the necessary experience to provide quality services.

How we do it. How to order contextual advertising?

  1. The very first and most important stage is to study the subject matter of your site, as well as competing firms, and identify priority areas.
  2. Compilation of a semantic core, which consists of high-frequency keywords for your site.
  3. Forecast of the budget and the desired time allotted for the advertising campaign.
  4. Drawing up an advertising campaign plan: strategy, grouping of queries, defining landing pages, negative keywords, ad text, and setting up targeting.
  5. The next step is to create a Google AdWords account . A link is established between the site and analytical services.
  6. For a completely true picture of analytics and reports, we make the appropriate settings. Only after setting up all systems and services, we launch an advertising campaign.
  7. Whenever possible, we choose the optimal bid for the search pages. Thus, for the first page it will be higher, for all the others it will be less.
  8. Daily control and verification of the entire operation of the mechanism, its correction if necessary.
  9. Throughout the entire ad campaign, we provide reports with metrics and costs. 
  10. We keep in touch with the customer, which is necessary for the correction and adjustment of various issues.
  11. At the end of the reporting period, you will receive all the details about the advertising campaign in the report, as well as our wishes for improving its work.

Thus, if you decide to do & pcy; & rcy; & ocy your sites and bring them to the TOP & pcy; & ocy; & icy; & scy; & kcy; & acy; then the best way for instant impact is contextual advertising. While SEO promotion is just getting started, your ads will already be seen by millions of potential customers. We will make your advertising campaign profitable and effective!


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