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Website design, website design development in Sd-Studio!

& Dcy; & icy; & zcy; & acy; & jcy; & ncy; - this is the most important and significant element in the development of a site and its role is difficult to overestimate. The company " Sd-Studio ", which has been working in the field of web design for many years, brings to your attention the creation of various designs for websites with specific goals. For us, work on design is one of the priority areas, the correct orientation of which will help make your site convenient and attractive, which directly affects the profitability and success of the resource.

What is website design?

Design is a graphic image web & scy; & acy; & jcy; & tcy; & acy; , which has a certain structure, composition of graphic elements, colors and fonts.
I would like to note that design should be understood not only as its external beauty and attractiveness, but also friendliness, clarity and simplicity of the interface for your visitors. This formulation of the question will return to you with an increase in conversion and real customers. It is believed that the simpler and more convenient the design, the better the user can focus on his goal - buying or ordering services or goods, if the purpose of creating the site was not to attract as many as possible with the help of an extravagant design. Examples of such sites are promotional sites that are created to attract targeted visitors with a colorful and original design to a specific product or service.

Website design and the main criteria for its quality.

The website design must be attractive to the target audience.
Everything should be correctly compared: the subject of your company's activities, the necessary functionality on the site, advertising strategy, the usefulness of information and ease of use. This is how you can make a good impression. Balanced structure.
Balance is the meaning of all graphics on the site, so all elements should be arranged according to the importance and logic of the content. It is very clearly necessary to think over the so-called "usability", which means ease of use of the resource and the emphasis of visitors on the most important thing - ordering or buying a product or service. Be sure to create a website design, you should take into account the characteristics and preferences of a potential buyer (target audience) and, based on these preferences, determine the design of the project. All this together causes not only a positive response from visitors to the business site, but also forms a trusting positive impression of the company.

Website design price.

The cost of creating a layout for the design of website pages for simple, basic requirements - from 1500 UAH.
per page. Website design layout for
individual & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & iecy; & kcy; & tcy; & ucy; will cost from UAH 3000. It should be noted that the price of a website design layout takes into account the complexity of the work, the number of pages, etc.

Website design - how long will it take?

The term for creating a website design in our company starts from 5 working days. It all depends on how many pages you need to make, how much information is used and how unique the design itself should be. If you want to know exactly how long it will take to develop your website design, fill out the brief and send it to us. We promise that we will definitely give an answer within a few hours.

What do you need to prepare before ordering a website design?
For accurate and high-quality manufacturing of your website design, you need to accurately determine the goals of the future project. To do this, we have compiled for you a special list of questions in the brief that will help you with setting the correct task.

What you need to know before placing your final website design order:

  1. Determine the type of future & scy; & acy; & jcy; & tcy; & acy; , "Business card", "business site", "catalog", "online store", "landing" or another option.
  2. It is advisable to indicate at least two or three sites already existing on the network with the design you like and specifying what exactly impresses you in them. What details caught the attention and what would you like to repeat on your site.
  3. Decide on the main purpose of the site: buying, subscribing, receiving information, etc. 
  4. It is imperative to indicate the list of menu items and where they should be located. There are several options for the arrangement of elements: vertically, horizontally or in other, more original ways.
  5. What information blocks each of the pages will be filled with. What exactly will be located on the first page, what on the pages of other sections.
  6. The color scheme of your site - it is advisable to indicate exactly what color scheme you need or to indicate several priority ones.
  7. If you already have a logo or corporate identity, then provide this information, we will take these features into account in the design. If necessary, we will offer our services to create a logo and style of the company.

In the company "Sd-Studio" we solve all these problems in combination and together with the customer. Because in addition to aesthetic pleasure, the site should be profitable and optimize the work of your company.

Several works of design layouts of sites

More works can be seen in the section " & Pcy; & ocy; & rcy; & tcy; & fcy; & ocy; & lcy; & icy; & ocy; "

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